Portfolio 2.0: updated stuff for you

Since I returned from Iceland I took some time for a „creative break” and updated my website, especially my gallery.

For this reason I had to organize and optimize a couple of things:

  •  I deleted about 700 older pictures (of 2.100 in total in my portfolio) because over the years I improved my photographic style and I just want to show you the best pictures of my portfolio - you find the remaining 1400 pictures in my 84 blogposts
  • I “digitally remastered“ more than 300 pictures due to the fact that I am using a professional raw-converter since three years now, so I changed the editing style of my older pictures
  • I added one category on my website, details see below
  • I updated my “Photoshop” post on the website, see also below
  • And finally, I added 230 brand-new pictures to my gallery - now you find about 1075 pictures in the gallery of this website!

So, lots of new stuff for you!

Of course it was hard work because I also had to optimize the folder- and filesystem of my computer. But it`s done now, and I am looking forward to go out into nature and create the first summer scenes for you.

Furthermore, I wanted to „dedicate“ a special category to my absolute favorite spot in Iceland. Therefore, I added “Iceland Glacier Lagoon” to my gallery, with a various number of Jökulsarlon pictures, especially of “Diamond beach”. Hope you like it as much as I do.

And last but not least I updated my post „The thing about photoshop“. Take a look if you don`t know the article. In May, it will be available in English, too.

Happy Easter everyone!

Best regards,