The Spanish Atlantic Coast (4/4): "Iberian Coasts" - the film

Finally, I can present you my next video - today I have some impressions of the beautiful coasts of northern Spain. I've also added a handful of shots that I made in southern Portugal last year. Since it took longer to get the film permissions, I am very happy to be able to combine them.

The rocky coasts of the Iberian Peninsula are truly unique and flying there is as beautiful as it is exciting. After more than 100 flying hours you dare to fly a little bit closer to the “rocky obstacles”. Nevertheless, during the flights I still have a pulse of >130...

Due to new european data-protection regulation the direct linking from this blog is still critical, therefore: just enter "Iberian Coasts" on Youtube and you'll find it 😉

I wish you a lot of fun watching, and as always the final note: turn up the music, the video lives on it!!!

Best regards,