Gallery-Update 2022

It was another intense photo year so far - today I noticed that the last update of my gallery was a whole year ago again 🙄


So I filled the categories again and quite a lot came together: I have added a total of 289 new images. In the following categories:

  • In the category „Landscape“ I was able to add o total of 129 Images
    • 48 in Norway
    • 26 in Iceland 360°
    • 25 in Germany Winter
    • 9 in Germany
    • 8 in Spain
    • 7 in Iceland Jökulsarlon
    • 6 in The Netherlands
  • And last but not least 10 pictures in the category of „Plants“

Feel free to take a look at the galleries 🖐


The next two blog entries will be posted in the next few days 😃


Many greetings,