Gallery pictures and a new category

Today there's just a very short info: since August I haven't updated the gallery - what I've done now.


Since the last 7 months were extremely productive, I was able to add more than 300 new images!

  • I added 45 new images to the plants category and a handful of images to the birdlife category.
  • In Nature as Art there are 63 new pictures
  • In the category Landscape I added a total number of 132 pictures to "Alpine Region", Netherlands, "Belgium Winter" and Germany
  • And last but not least: finally I was able to add a new category after the long winter: "Germany's Winter" - I could already add 114 pictures to this category, most of them were taken this winter

Feel free to have a look 😃🖐


I wish you a good start into spring...


Many greetings,