Blog search function and gallery update

There are now 219 blog entries in my blog and just recently I was asked once again whether I could install some kind of search function (thanks to Sven and Markus for the tip 😉 ).


I took a look - and it was easier than I thought. Jimdo has a full-text search module that you can even limit to blog entries if you want. It works quite well, but not yet perfectly - at the moment some posts are not yet read out, the programmers are working on that right now. But I think it's already a good 80% solution 😀

You can now find the search in the footer in all sections, also here, if you scroll down...⏬


Also, I noticed yesterday that the last update to my gallery is on the 7th of December so I've added a lot of new total I've been able to add 162 images. And that is in the following categories:

At the moment I don't have the time to adjust all the existing pictures to an adequate pixel size, but the newly added pictures all have at least 1600px on the long side.


Feel free to have a look at the galleries 😉🖐


Best regards,