My gallery update

After a few months at the latest, I always try to keep my gallery up-to-date. I was finally able to do that again today 😀 I was able to add a total of 169 new images. In the following categories:

  • In the „Landscape“ category I was able to add 101 new pictures
    • 45 in Portugal
    • 37 in Norway
    • 11 in Germany
    • 8 in Germany Winterdreams

I am now proud of my Portugal and Norway portfolio; I think these categories are now really worth to watch….

I still have some catching up to do in this category and I would like to devote more time to it in future...

This category is now really packed, with the entire colour palette and many textures...

Unfortunately I don't have the time to adjust all the older, already existing images to an adequate pixel size, but the newly added images all have at least 1600px on the long side. Feel free to have a look at the galleries 😉🖐


Otherwise, I will try to capture one or the other spring mood in the coming weeks and in this sense I wish you a nice (seasonal) time and good light 🖐


Best regards,